a. dorée (pronounced ah-doe-ray) is a brand that creates quality and style for your mobile lifestyle. 


While packing for a trip back to our hometown of Lyon, France, we found ourselves missing quality stylish bags that would carry our personal and business essentials for the trip. 

a. dorée was thus created in our inspirational city of Lyon, along with our first few designs that were fitting to our traveling and mobile working lifestyle - the Tiffany Work Folio, the Babette Passport Cases, and the Fay Makeup Cases. 

Since then, we have been designing bags for women who commute, work on the go, and travel. 

In French, adorée means "adored" (feminine). Today, a. dorée is based in Los Angeles, California.

Elodie in Lyon

Premium Quality Leather

Subtle Statements


Central to our designs are the functionality and quality of the bags. Besides having the right compartments for your current lifestyle, our bags are also designed to be lightweight and free of any unnecessary fuss. 

Our products retain beautiful shape and wear well over time. Gentle cleaning with a damp cloth of the bag's exterior will keep the leather piece looking like new. 

We are active participants of charities. We operate a portion of our business with donations of a percentage of our sales to various charities and non-profit organizations.